FXP Athlete Nutrition and Fueling
    Whether it's questions that you need answers to, or a full fledged nutrition plan written specifically for you and your performance goals, we've got you covered.
    FXP Athlete Nutrition and Fueling
    Need movements to plug into your training program? Want to do them right so you know you're safe and productive? Or, maybe you even need the template? Yes, it's all in the LAB.
    FXP Athlete Nutrition and Fueling
    Sometimes it's not actually your physical training that's the problem. But then, how do you assess and then improve your mindset as a competitive athlete? We have over 20 years of experience working with athletes at the highest level of competition... and we can help.

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    Member Only Forum

    This resource alone is worth 10x the cost of the LAB membership. Have questions about nutrition, strength & conditioning, progressing your mindset? The power of networking with other athletes, parents, coaches and our team of professionals is priceless. 

    Monthly Webinars

    Our monthly webinars are a perfect opportunity for us to dive deeper into current topics to help our athletes and coaches. We cover implementation techniques, clarify member questions and use the session like a group training session where all can participate. Our webinars are also recorded and accessible in the member area for your convenience.

    Mini Courses

    If you want a crash course on macros... or the fundamental components of a sound strength and conditioning program... how about the basics of training the winning mindset? Click on the LEARN. tab and we'll walk you through it. This is not where we dive deep into science and try to talk over your head (although our content is evidence-based)- think of it like a conversation.

    Our Video-Driven Content

    Every month you'll get new video content on nutrition & fueling, strength & conditioning, and developing the winning mindset. Plus, you'll keep access to the entire library of videos as the content keeps coming so you can watch it at your own pace.

    Movement Library

    We've had so many requests for this one that we had to include it in the FXP LAB membership. If you need clarification on exercises, or want new movements to plug into your workouts, look no further... just search our Training Library! (And, if you need training templates, don't worry- we've got members covered there too)

    Member Only Discounts

    As a member of the FXP LAB, you'll receive discounts to all of our coaching programs, products and seminars.

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